Marcus Vetter

Marcus Vetter

Additional Names: Marcus Attila Vetter (Weiterer Name)
Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton, Produzent
*1967 Stuttgart


Marcus Vetter, born in Stuttgart in 1967 to a German mother and a Turkish father, studied European Business Management in Worms, Buenos Aires, and Madrid, followed by media studies in Tübingen. After earning his degree, Vetter started to work as a freelance editor, writer, and cutter for the SWR in Baden-Baden and Stuttgart. From 1997 on, he also directed several films.
In 1999, Vetter won the Grimme award for his documentary film "Der Tunnel". His following films have also won several awards: "Wo das Geld wächst" (2000), for instance, also won the Grimme award, whereas the autobiographic documentary film "Mein Vater, der Türke" (2006) won the prestigious Prix Europa and the Golden Gate award. In the film, Vetter meets his father whom he had only seen once before, at the age of seven. In the feature film "Trader"s Dreams" (2006), Vetter and co-director Stefan Tolz portray the global trading place the online auction platform eBay has created.

In 2007, Vetter together with the Israeli filmmaker Leon Geller documented a Palestinian’s journey through Israel. The Palestinian’s son had been killed by Israeli soldiers and he had nevertheless donated his son’s organs to save other children’s lives, also including Israeli children. "Das Herz von Jenin" ("The Heart of Jenin") opened in movie theatres in spring 2009. The following year, the acclaimed film won the German Film Award.

Also off-camera, Vetter kept in touch with the people in the West Bank. Together with the father of the boy from "Das Herz von Jenin" and translator Fakhri Hamad, he spear-headed the plan to turn a run-down movie theatre into a cultural centre. The obstacles and red tape the men had to overcome until the successful completion of their project, but also the encouragement they received during that time, became subject of Vetter's documentary "Cinema Jenin" (2010), which was released in Summer 2012.


2017 Dorf der Vergesslichen
Producer (TV)
2014-2016 Das Versprechen - Erste Liebe lebenslänglich
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Producer
2012/2013 The International Criminal Court
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2012-2014 The Forecaster
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Producer
2011 Nach der Stille
2010-2012 Cinema Jenin
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Producer
2009 Hunger
Voice, Director, Screenplay, Director of photography
2008 Das Herz von Jenin
Director, Screenplay
2006 Traders' Dreams - Eine Reise in die ebay-Welt
Director, Screenplay, Sound
2005/2006 Mein Vater der Türke
Director, Screenplay
2003-2006 Die Unzerbrechlichen
2002 Kriegsspiele – Das Computerspiel Counterstrike
Director, Screenplay
1999 Der Tunnel - Die wahre Geschichte
Director, Screenplay